Sample menu

Our dishes are small individual plates that are served as and when they are ready from the kitchen. We recommend 3 per person. We no longer serve in the traditional starter, main style.

Main Menu


Barrel aged Negroni, grapefruit 11
Isle of Harris Gin, Samphire, Tonic 9.50
Westwell Wine Estates. Pelegrim NV. 12.5


Chargrilled sourdough, potted shrimp butter, sea purslane 7.5
Chargrilled sourdough, pancetta & caramelised onions, sage 7
Viking Bakehouse sourdough, smoked cultured butter 6

Cold plates

Jersey rock oyster, natural, house tabasco, lemon 3
Hogwash dressed rock oyster, Jalapeno, shallot, mirin 3.5
Dorset crab tostados, avocado, coriander 14
Tuna Tartar, shies leaf, togorashi 15
Herritage tomato, watermelon, cucumber & marinated feta 10
Burrata, courgettes, basil, Pangrattato 11

Hot plates

Scarlett prawns, agile, chilli, arbequina olive oil 10
Smoked eel croquettes, caper berry jam 8
Layered crispy potatoes, bravas, aioli 6
Courgette flower, goats curd, orange blossom honey 7.5

Plates over Charcoal

Butterflied Mackerel, xo sauce, burnt lime 16
Sirloin (British ex dairy cow), sriracha butter sauce 28
Mangalitza pork chop, BBQ bitterleaf salad 26
Tenderstem broccoli, sunflower seed satay, coconut 9.5
Sobrassada stuffed Padron peppers, garlic labneh 11


Pineapple bake, coconut & lime sorbet, grilled pineapple 8.5
Kentish strawberry, white chocolate cheesecake, elderflower 9.5
Brioche donuts, white chocolate & hazelnut sauce 8
Chateau de Séduirait, Sauternes. 2016 9.5
Delaforce. Late Bottled Vintage Port. 2017 6.5

*Our dishes are designed as individual plates and are served as each dish is ready from the kitchen